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Every small community has from the dawn of time had some kind of medicine woman or man. In some societies the word shaman has been used about this wise soul and in other societies this person was referred to as a druid, vault, witch and other names.

The first shamans in the world can be traced back to Greenland, Australia and Siberia, although many associate shamans with native americans. The shaman has played a central role in every single community. Both in relation to births, marriages, parting with souls, healing and counseling.

Today, there are shamans all over the world and they are represented by both men and women.

As a shaman, you use many elements in a healing. Right from the power of the wind, power animals, healing herbs, scents, sound and guides in the form of ancestors, gods, angels etc.

I see myself as a shamanistic midwife. In other words, a helper for you who are going through a spiritual awakening and rebirth, which for many can trigger great wounds, emotions and traumas, which can settle in the body or mind.

I have been working with healing since 2013 and I have been shaped by the souls who have had the confidence that I was the right one to help them set them free and lead them on their journey.

When you feel that you need a healing, then it is important to be ready. Ready for the deep process that a healer helps to initiate and that you must work with until the next need for healing arises. It is also essential that you feel that the healer you are facing is the right person.

Being healed can create fear, tension and other emotions in the body, but it is just a sign that you are more than ready. If you have a lot of resistance and can not imagine that you have to leave. Then it may be a sign from your soul as to whether you have chosen the right direction.

When booking a healing, I always check if I am the right healer and if you are ready. I may recommend that you work with selected crystals to make your soul ready. It may also be that I recommend you choose a healer other than me.

Healing always starts with an introductory talk. A talk about themes and emotions that fill a lot of your life. I like to feel clairvoyant into the questions that your guides have an answer to.

I often supplement with soul fragrances to initiate the healing process.

When the talk is over, you will be laid on a mattress on the floor. I place the crystals on you or around you that support the journey you are going on. I call the relevant guides and power animals into the journey.

I first start by creating balance in your foundation in the form of chakra, energy bodies around your body and your kundalini. I individually mark whether your kundalini is ready to be led through the 7 or 19 chakras that I work with.

After the balance is created, I go down into old lives and locate and release black magic, deep traumas, deep blockages, which help to keep you in the themes that fill your life.

I feel for what exactly it takes to release your traumas.

I awaken your spirit and soul so that they stand side by side with your personality and ego. I use scent, sound, herbs etc. as part of my treatment. A healing can take 1-1.5 hours.

It is a very deep form of healing and I recommend that you do not have any plans for the rest of the day so that you have time for the healing to work in you. Many people experience that they dream more the following nights and it is part of the healing process.

Shamanhealing is a way to peel layers of your personal onion so you get in touch with your core again. A healing initiates a process that you must embrace and your desire for change must be followed up with action for great changes to take place in your life.

I recommend a minimum of 2 healings – but there should be 2-3 months between the healings.

It is possible to get a short shaman healing, where the healing begins with 3 soul scents with short messages.