Cassia essential oil

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Our organic cassia oil is steam distilled from the living leaves, twigs and bark of the Cinnamomum aromacticum tree, which is also called Chinese cassia or Chinese cinnamon.

Cassia is closely related to the true cinnamon and it is typically marketed in North America as cinnamon.

Cassia has been used for thousands of years, and is known for its many health benefits. It is one of the oils mentioned in the Old Testament and is known for its unmistakable fragrance and soothing properties.

Cassia er især egnet til at helbrede huden og reparere traumer her på. It normalizes the skin’s natural oils and provides even skin tone.

It reduces microbial activity and is known to be anti-inflammatory and good for minor injuries. It is useful for managing menstrual pain and is suitable for relieving hot flashes.

Cassia has wonderful aromatherapeutic uses and provides a grounding and balancing effect in the body and mind, here especially it is suitable for meditation

Cassia has a very distinctive and semi euphoric energizing character that gives the sensation of stepping into an aromatic bakery. It is very spicy and warming in scent. The fragrance also has the ability to inspire sensual moods and has potent aphrodisiac properties.


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