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Healing fragrance set with crystals for personal healing and transformation

This set is specially developed to function as a supportive tool in everyday life for the particularly sensitive.

The 8 fragrances work with their respective areas and are specially inaugurated to help the individual to release, support and accommodate the processes you may be in.

The scents work in the way that you choose the one you feel attracted to, open and smell it all you need.

Each oil is mixed with jojoba oil with a 2% solution, which is suitable for daily use and can be used by all age groups in a safe way.

Because the oil is mixed, you can therefore also apply it to yourself, or to something for a greater effect. There is a drop dispenser at the top, where you can easily get only the drops you need.

The topics that the fragrances support are:


When you smell the bottle, you use your breath to draw the healing scent into your body with your spirit and soul. In this way you get a deep healing from the inside out. I even use a different fragrance set for all my clients and healings.

Included in the set are also 3 crystals, each of which has its own magical, supportive and liberating effect.

The crystals that are included are:


The set comes in a robust case, where there is also room for you to put something in, which you also feel supports you in everyday life.

Each bottle contains 5 ml of reconstituted oil.

Note that if you have a tendency to skin allergies, test the oil or see if you are allergic. It is rare for people to have allergic reactions to the oil. If you already know that you are allergic, it is possible to make the oil in another carrier oil.

Included in the kit is a brief description of how to use the kit and what it contains. It further states what each bottle contains.

Read some of our feedback on the set

Hi Sophia and Aaron ❤
Just a little update from here (and the oils). They have made its entrance well! I use them daily. Both where I smell for them from bottle, but also for external use. I think they can do something different when using bottle fragrance and when using externally.
I go through a lot of anxiety that needs to be cleaned out and healed, both from this life, but also old anxiety from previous lives. There the oils really are an absolutely eminent support for me in maintaining the calm, faith and courage to get me working through it. And when I need to have a little selfish, relaxing break lover! I use them externally on the wrists and temples. I look forward to seeing what – and where else they take me ❤

Hi? Just a feedback on the beautiful fragrance set I received a month ago. They are each one amazing and I use them in different situations. I am a big fan of love (self-love) and magic. I often have these in my pocket or if I drive a car and get an inner turmoil. A few deep “snuff” and the body calms down again more quickly. I am a fan and can only recommend these wonderful scents. Knus J