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Sophia Ayoanna

My journey into the spiritual world began in 2012, when I was facing a major crisis in my life. For almost 20 years I had been heavily affected by social anxiety. A rehabilitation had gotten me out on the other side, but when I started in my “dream job”, the anxiety crept in so much that it filled everything again.
I was scared, frustrated and had a feeling that I in no way had the abilities to be in this world with the demands that were made on me. That I had to either be lazy or crazy. In the midst of the frustration of my unmanageable psyche, I am struck by the worst autoimmune disease for me.

All of this led me to seek help from a shaman who later turned out to be my teacher. I could ask this wise soul 5 questions for a token amount. The only thing I had to provide was my email and my first name. It seemed quite harmless, but it was going to turn out to be the best money I had ever spent on myself.

The answers and the provocation – yes the answers were deeply provocative for me – initiated a transforming process for me that has brought me to where I am now. A self-employed woman with great success, who is so blessed to be able to live out her dream to the fullest. More and more possibilities are revealed to me. And I dare to seize the opportunities. I am so lucky that in 2018 I found my twin flame Aron. It has given me the courage to grow even more. I have received that support vigorously. which makes me dare to take the steps out on unknown ground that I have never dared to take alone.

If someone had told me just 10 years ago that I would heal and advise people clairvoyant and at the same time run a webshop with crystal sales, then I would have thought they were crazy.

My journey has been intense. I am by no means the woman who cried daily on the toilet at my job in a big fashion company. I have been transformed on all levels and the journey is by no means over. I see my life as an adventure that unfolds more and more – day by day. I’m still being tested on confidence, belief in myself and the future, but one thing’s for sure. I feel alive. I’m anxiety free. I am proud of myself and I enjoy all the talents and relationships that unfold at my feet year after year. AND I LIVE BEFORE SURVIVING.

As you can probably read, I have been completely down to bite the grass. I’ve been so close to retiring and living behind rolled down curtains. But my soul stomped stubbornly and violently into the ground and said no !!!!! Is this how you want to live the rest of your life? Fortunately, I listened to my soul.

Since I opened my business in 2014, I have had many people through my hands. It’s been so amazing. All my clients have helped shape me and helped challenge and explore my talents.

I have the following educations

Reiki 1 + 2
Crystal healing
Shaman of New Age

And most importantly, I read my own inner book. Opening up to my own wisdom at the pace I am ready for.

As a person, I am down to earth, loving, unpolished and have a great deal of humor. And most importantly, I’m spacious.

Light and love

Sophia Ayoanna


Is this world new to you or are you in doubt about, which crystals are good for you? Then I can guide you.

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