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Becoming U

In 2019, I became aware of a pattern in me that repeated itself over and over again.

I was offered one dream home after another, but something in me could not say yes. After frustration, crying and great irritation, I gained the insight that a theme from several old lives made me feel that I did not deserve to feel good – housing, financially and in many other areas.

Shortly after the insights, I channeled the healing form Becoming U, which I have used with great success on myself, my family and a large number of clients, who have also experienced being set free and being transformed on a deep level.

Becoming U consists of 3 healings. There are 3-6 weeks between each healing.

Each healing begins with a short talk. During the talk, we talk about the places where you in no way feel you deserve. We talk about themes and emotions that fill your life here and now. What is constantly straining your legs? We also talk about what it is that you dream of.

After the talk, the healing itself begins.

During the physical healing, you are placed on a couch, where I heal you using scents and healing on selected points on the body. I sit next to you while you lie with a blanket over you and perform the actual healing. So I’m not touching you along the way. During the healing, there is music in the background, which makes you relax and maybe fall into a gentle sleep.

At the remote healing, I ask you to lay down and say yes in your heart to receive the healing. I would like to send some music that you can listen to during the healing.

Healing works a lot with old lives – but also with this life. During each healing, traumas and wounds from old lives are released, where you have had to live in the shadows. Where the basic feeling has been NOT to deserve. It may be that you have had to sacrifice love, that of standing in your own light and power. That you have had to live in hiding. That you have had to live in deep poverty. The number of lives that your soul shows me you are ready to redeem is redeemed.

It removes poison, black magic and deep emotions that are stuck in your system so that in this life you can deserve to be just exactly who you have come here to be.

I go in and release addiction in you. It can be a physical addiction or a destructive behavior that you need to get rid of.

Soul retrievals are worked on during the 3rd session. Soul retrieval is a technique where parts of your soul are brought back to you to make you whole. A part of your soul that has left you under great shock and trauma both in this and old life. Your soul will always guide me to the parts of you that are ready to unite with you.

For the majority of my clients, 3 sessions have been adequate. For others, 1-2 follow-up healings have been needed to keep the important process going.


You should expect the healings to initiate a process in you. The parts of the soul that have left you during great shocks and traumas need time, gentleness and spaciousness in you to be able to fully integrate into you. So you will at times be able to feel skinless and vulnerable. You will feel new sides emerge in you that have longed to be seen so that you can stand strong and authentic in yourself and the being of your soul. When you allow yourself to change your way of being in the World, you may at times feel selfish. But it is by no means selfish to choose yourself for. This is one of the most important things you can do on your trip.

If you feel that there is too much noise and turmoil in your system, then we can always take a chat between sessions.< 3


Here is feedback from one of my clients

I think on all levels that receiving this form of healing has been amazing, redemptive, enlightening and transformative.

I can not remember when last there has been so much development in such a short time. It has been intense, but by no means too much. I can and will at all levels recommend this form of healing to those who are ready to work with themselves, see themselves and their needs deep in their eyes.

What we deserve, what we are created for and what we can drive this opportunity that life is for.

This healing has left me with more self-love, more faith in myself, much more contact with myself, my angels and guides and with an adventurous spirit that I have missed in recent years. I feel ready to take on the world as I am. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.


Sophia Ayoanna

Where does it take place?

The healing can take place physically in Auning or as a remote healing.

Price for healing

Each healing costs 750 kr.

Total price for a course of 3 times is 2250 kr.

You pay for one healing at a time.


Becoming U consists of 3 healings.

There are 3-6 weeks between each healing.

A healing lasts 1-1.5 hours – both for physical healing and remote healing.

If you want to book this healing, contact us below


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