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Welcome to Heartofdreams

We Aron and Sophia Ayoanna are the fiery souls behind HeartOfDreams. We have many years of experience with energy work, ceremonies, courses and sales of crystals and krafting. We have both undergone a deeply transformative training in shamanism, which underlies our way of working and being in the World.

Our purpose is to convey powerful and unique crystals, kraftings and figures that can support your spiritual journey. All magic products on our site are inaugurated and purified by us. On the site you can find tools that heal you through your breath, through sound or through vibration that the crystals send to the water in your body to initiate a healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

We offer both different forms of healing and offer both courses and education rooted in shamanism but also based on the work with star beings.

The page is a combination of a webshop but also a page where you can read about our backgrounds and forms of healing. You are always welcome to write a message to us if you have questions about our way of working.

If you have a crystal that you are looking for that is either sold out on the site or a crystal that you have not been able to find anywhere else, finally write to us. Then we will do everything to fulfill your wish.


Aron and Sophia Ayoanna

We offer different forms of healing

Becoming U

Becoming U is a healing process, which is channeled by Sophia Ayoanna.

The healing takes place over 3 times, where you work deeper and deeper into what keeps you firmly karmic.

Healing is for you, who time and time again put the needs of others before your own.

It removes poison, black magic and deep emotions that are stuck in your system so that in this life you can deserve to be just exactly who you have come here to be.

Shaman healing

A shaman healing is a deeply transforming form of healing based on shamanism.

Work with the help of sound, herbs, scents, power animals, crystals, etc. to set you free on all levels from the patterns, emotions and beliefs that prevent you from choosing your path.

We work with chakras, energy bodies, kundalini and in addition we intuitively go in and release trauma and karmic bonds in you that hold you fast.

Sacred path healing

Sacred path healing is a deep and transforming healing that helps you find your own sacred path in life.

Healing helps you find the path that creates the joy, happiness and magical adventure that gives you a rich life that nourishes your soul and never disappoints.

Efforts are made to set you free from karmic shackles, and to recreate you with your essence, spirit and soul by locking in the hidden aspects and in you that have hitherto been hidden.

Are you in doubt about which form of healing is right for you?
So let's guide you.

We offer a huge selection of crystals

We are very proud of our large selection of crystals, kraftings, incense and oils.
All our products are carefully selected and inaugurated with the most magical and healing power.
You are therefore never in doubt about the quality and purity of the goods that you buy from us.
You can see our product categories here.

HeartOfDreams – Highway 147 – 8963 Auning


Is this world new to you or are you in doubt about, which crystals are good for you? Then I can guide you.

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