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About crystals

Crystals have been used for magical ceremonies since the dawn of time. In churches and with the royals, crystals are part of sacred rituals in the form of jewelry, crosses and scepter.

Shamans and other healers have been using the healing vibrations of the crystals for many centuries. In many shamanic traditions, the shaman has had a crystal placed under the skin of selected chakras or on the wrists to enhance the shaman’s power and to protect the healer from the darkness.

This crystal is handed over to the shaman’s carefully selected successor upon his death. I have met several shamans who have these magical tools in their body to this day.

Crystals are also included in some of the most advanced electronics such as watches and computer chips, as crystals have a strong vibration that amplifies energy and crystals can store a lot of information.

Stones and crystals can in no way replace visits to the doctor. So if you are seriously ill – both physically and mentally, I always recommend that you seek professional help.

To me, stones and crystals can be magical tools that can help support your development. Crystals have measurable vibrations based on their composition of minerals. This vibration triggers a vibration in the water that you have in your body. This initiates a healing process for me that affects both your physical and mental body.

All my crystals, stones and power are carefully selected by me based on their vibration and energy. I make an inauguration of all the things that I sell so I can always vouch for the magic tool that you have chosen to buy.

At the ceremony, I fill my wares with healing, power, and love. I purify the crystal and ask it to purify itself so that it follows your process. So when you receive an item from me, it is ready for use. There is no need to clean your crystal before using it.

If you yourself feel that you want to clean your stones, be aware that certain stones can in no way withstand water.

Many clean their stones by placing them in full moonlight. Others use selenite. One can also clean stones by putting them in salt, rice or putting them in a bag and digging them into the ground. Feel what your truth is.

When buying new crystals, I always recommend that you include one crystal at a time. Then select one new stone at a time to work with. The reason I recommend this is that you can often get overwhelmed by involving too many new energies at once.

I work with them by wearing them as pendants, in my bra or in my pocket. I primarily go with stones during the day as many stones can be violent to work with at night and thereby the stone’s energy can interfere with your sleep.

Ask the stone to help you. Ask it to take some of the emotions that you find difficult to contain. If necessary, ask for the insights that the feeling has for you. Ask the stone to fill you with peace, hope or whatever you need.

Really enjoy working with your magic treasures.



Sophia Ayoanna